A photographic exhibition documenting the visual transformation of Australia’s drag artists. 

“Documenting the transformation of our nation’s premiere drag performers, photographer Aaron Walker’s images of the diverse drag spectrum are captured with great sensitivity, offering a rare insight into these leading performance artists. Dragformation is a study of the many facets of drag – from it’s subversive and deconstructionist applications, to it’s cultural value within and beyond communities, to it’s meaning and value to the individual and their constructions of self and identity. Dragformation is an ongoing project for Walker with no set end date – aiming to capture and document what ‘drag’ is, what it means, and the people who engage with it. Walker’s work is fast becoming the definitive document of our contemporary drag generations, and will revive your faith in drag as an art-form, revealing that it is electric, powerful and relevant as ever.” - Travis de Jonk. Watch This Space Gallery SYD

Dragformation Promotional video by Travis de Jonk

Dragformation generated growing interest from the successful exhibitions at Watch This Space Gallery Sydney and Midsumma Festival Melbourne. Vice Magazine also published an article that gained international interest and the portrait series became viral online in 2017. Amongst many others Dragformation has featured in the following publications here in Australia and worldwide: MVC / The Age / SMH / Broadly / Time Out / MadMoizelle (France) / The Independent (UK) / Slate (France) / Die Ziet (Germany) /La Presse (Canada) / Virgin Airlines (US) / YMKPA.ru (Russia) / Gay.it (Italy)

Vice Magazine (AUS) review by Sammi Taylor

“Thanks ever so much Aaron Walker for allowing a very vulnerable, yet empowering and ultimate reveal into our world. Your body of photography is stunning and the subjects within your work are truly inspiring individuals. CONDRAGULATIONS! X🦄”
- Dan Ewell/Dandrogyny (Dragformer)

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