Le Sacré

I had the chance to photograph all aspects of the Le Sacré production from the promotional studio shoot to the rehearsal process to the final staged production. In the first collaboration of its kind in Australian performance history, the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) and The Australian Ballet School (ABS) came together to present an electrifying innovative work combining ballet and circus, Le Sacré. A tale of superstition and sacrifice, it is inspired by the narrative of Nijinsky and Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring (1913). Directed and Choreographed by Zebastian Hunter, Meredith Kitchen and Simon Dow.


Then a successful opening night leading to a run of shows. I did enjoy running around the wide stage wondering how on earth I could capture the most poignant moments when the stage was so busy!


During the rehearsal process of the production I was able to capture some candid moments while the ABS with very limited time was collaborating with the NICA students.

Promotional Shoot

I worked alongside the marketing team at NICA on the Le Sacré promotional image to be used for all the marketing collateral. I gathered up my best team of creatives and jumped into the studio where we pulled together our best ideas, costumes, makeup, and good coffee! We rigged circus equipment, blew fans, fitted rainbow fur, tulle and feather collars, and explored what we could create with a circus artist and a ballerina.

Design: Blick Creative

Design: Blick Creative